Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

[cue Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times and Communication Breakdown]

By now, you are probably aware that our most recent Bachelorette, Katie, has broken things off with her fiancé Blake. Since breakups are the norm rather than the exception, the only surprising thing is how quickly it came – less than three months after The Final Rose. As My Daughter Diandra (MDD) said, “The return of Neil Lane rings is getting shorter.”

I love data, and I’m so happy that those good folks at @bachelordata on IG love data, too. They were inspired to give us some facts and timelines about every relationship in the franchise’s history.

Facts – Of the franchise’s 43 couples, only nine are currently in the same relationship. Of those nine, six are married. The unmarried are the relatively new couples of Matt and Rachael (who broke up and are now back together), Tayshia and Zac; and Jordan and JoJo.

Pretty incredible  – or is it really? – that 80% of the relationships of the engaged couples fail, and most fail pretty quickly. Many ended faster than Katie and Blake’s three months! It makes me wonder how many couples in the Hallmark movies would make it after The Closing Kiss, but I digress.

If you are curious about who has and hasn’t made it, how long it took them to unmake it, and like clever charts, head over to @bachelordata.

Now, what about those Neil Lane rings? The general rule is that the women can keep their engagement rings after two years. If there is a breakup before that, the rings must be returned to the show, although there have been exceptions. With only a handful out of 34 splits coming after the two-year mark, there’s a lot of Neil Lane’s work laying around somewhere.

See you again after Tuesday’s episode.

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