Failing to Fight for Love

So where are we now?

Victoria faced an existential question about her future person. Is it trophy husband Adam, a life of multiple estate homes and country club memberships, haute couture workout clothes, and soccer momming in her Bentley SUV? Or is Sunday afternoons with Dad bod Johnny, comfortably curled up on the sofa in baggy sweats and one of his t-shirts, lovingly listening to his fantasy football frustrations, while nibbling away on yesterday’s cold pizza?

It’s a classic head/heart, objective/subjective, facts/feelings dichotomy. And for the moment – everything is almost always for the moment in Paradise – she decides for heart/subjective/feelings and gives Johnny her rose.

But in a deliciously evil move, the dastardly Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) have late arrival temptress Florence give the last rose to Adam to keep him lurking on the beach, ostensibly to wait for Johnny to make one wrong move.

Adam lurks and waits for Johnny to make a wrong move.

The next Musings relate to two guys not stepping up to “fight” for their women not to go on dates. Rodney and Logan didn’t want Eliza and Kate, respectively, to go on dates with Justin and Dog Guy[1], respectively, but didn’t insist on that out of respect for what they think is best for Eliza and Kate, respectively. By doing so, they dismissed what Eliza and Kate explicitly wanted, which was for Rodney and Logan, respectively, to demand that they NOT go on dates with other guys.

Sounds like they guys were trying to live out that old story about letting someone go to see if they return. If so, they missed that the story is about letting go of people WHO WANT TO BE LET GO and not people who are telling you DON’T LET ME GO. By disregarding what their ladies were insistently demanding, Rodney and Logan may have hurt their chances of seeing their ladies return.

Or did they? Kate found Dog Guy less charming with each passing minute of their date although she does seem intrigued by his bank account’s ability to lay out six figs to keep his dog alive for a few more months. And while Eliza loves the attention from her new beau Justin, she hasn’t moved on from her feelings for Rodney which seems to be validated by everybody at the beach saying how she and Rodney seem to have something real or whatever passes for real in Paradise.

Finally, I’ll Muse briefly on Aaron and G-vieve. Individually, these two are a lot and together they are combustible. My read on them is they are that couple who cannot be apart but have no idea how to be together without setting each other off. [cue My Girl Britney Toxic]. Watching them is exhausting.

Miscellaneous Musings:

Shanae stays up to her usual shenanigans which cannot be taken seriously. She’ll probably leave Paradise alone but will have had her fun, redeemed most of her villainous history, and occasionally amused us along the way.

Somebody named Sarah had to leave due to a family emergency. No disrespect to her but who is she?

Michael seems to have been elected by the EGPs as the Mayor of Paradise. He and Danielle continue to do well, as do Brandon and Serene. The EGPs love to take solid couples off our radar only to spring their meltdowns on us once they feel we’ve been resting too long in their solidness. So, while I’m rooting for them, I’m staying on high alert.

See you next week.

P.S. This week’s wine was an excellent Argentine La Mascota Cabernet Franc.

[1] Real name Hayden but all we really know about him is his dog.

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