Post-Oscar Idols

I watched so you didn’t have to. After The Oscars, after the local news, after a seemingly never-ending number of late-night commercials, a backstory-laden episode of Idol auditions finally ensued. Three auditions were worth my musings. What they share in common is unrefined natural vocal talent. What remains to be seen is if they can refine that talent into skillfulness, and develop stage presence through the Idol process. But each one has compelling natural qualities.

Hannah Nicolaisen (Make You Feel My Love Bob Dylan/Adele) – ex-collegiate volleyball player with a lovely voice.

Tripp Taylor (I Believe to My Soul Ray Charles) – has the looks, personality, and a memorable, star-sounding name. He’s also pitchy quite often but there is something unique[1] and interesting about that deep, gruff voice.

Cody Glover (some old-sounding country song by some old-sounding country people[2]) – he also has a memorable name plus an aw-shucks demeanor that will play well with the voters, should he get that far. Is he the WGWG[3] that America will make this year’s winner?

That’s it. That’s the list. See you next week. I hope you get to listen to some good music. I already have in the form of a recent release by the immaculate Samara Joy, this year’s Grammy winner for Best New Artist.

[1] Unique, however, can be a curse in an Idol competition once the voters get involved. When considering new artists, people like familiarity. The entire music business has been built on this concept.

[2] OK, it was Rock Salt and Nails by Flatt & Scruggs which I know because the Idol chyrons told me so. My Crack Research Staff (Google) informed me that it was recorded in 1965 and, technically, they were a bluegrass duo. Whether country or bluegrass, both are lanes I rarely traffic in.

[3] White Guy with Guitar.

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