Bros, Bad Boys and Ballerini

[Cue Al Green L-O-V-E (LOVE)]
“Just like Virginia birthed the nation, I hope that it births a relationship that really lasts for me.” (Yanni Leo) And with enough cheese to fill a vat of Velveeta, so began the two-hour promo ad sponsored by The Virginia Tourism Corporation. If you had mentions of my state’s tourism motto “Virginia is for Lovers” in your drinking game, you were smashed before Yanni Leo and Becca randomly got to the concert by Kelsea Ballerini’s husband Morgan Evans. (I only learned he was married to well-known country singer Kelsea Ballerini when I googled Morgan Evans who is a mostly unknown country singer.)

Even the newly elected governor Ralph Northam made an appearance in the “Beccalection” debate at the state’s courthouse steps, although this wasn’t originally scheduled during the taping. However, according to the Washington Post:

Aubrey Northam, apparently a big fan of the franchise, was attending the taping at the Capitol, where she struck up a conversation with a producer, according to Ofirah Yheskel, the governor’s spokeswoman. During a break in the action, the two strolled over to the nearby executive mansion and asked if the governor would like to come to the set to make a cameo. “The rest,” Yheskel said, “is history.”[1]

As to the actual episode, this season has gotten so bad that we had to have a second confrontation of possibly pathological antagonists to build a show around. The editing for Chris was such that he really came out looking stalker-ish. When he went to Becca’s room to talk – he’s always making their talks on his time and terms – was anybody else with me thinking, “Becca, DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!!”

He was getting creepy so he clearly had to go and Becca didn’t even wait for the Rose Ceremony (which she cancelled, anyway) to send him packing and later commenting, “He’s not the kind of guy I would want in my life, EVER!” [Cue Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack] His fellow combatant Lincoln also was sent home which was good since it’s been discovered that he’s been recently convicted on charges of indecent assault and battery.[2] I’ll just leave that there.

As to the dates highlighting Virginia’s tourism partners, Jason had the pleasure of the show’s producers Becca bringing in his BFFS for his one-on-one. While I am still very tight with my high school boys, when My Daughter Cassandra said, “This is very broey,” I was already breaking out in hives. I’m just not at all broey. They did do a great job of sharing numerous solid reasons why Becca should marry a guy she just had her first date with, though. [Cue The Hollies He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother]

The group date featured the aforementioned debate where Lincoln and Chris continued their 7th-grade level sniping with the kind of mudslinging that we sadly get enough of in our daily news. At least in real politics, we expect people to attack each other in juvenile ways. But never on The Bachelorette. 🙂

Garrett and Wills made their case for getting the Group Rose: Garrett for calming Becca down after another bad Chris-moment; and Wills for proclaiming his “falling in love with you” status. We all know Wills is headed for a bad heartbreak, right? But Golden Child Colton[3] got it instead which really messed with the respective heads of Garrett and Wills.

Yanni Leo finally got a one-on-one. My Daughter Cassandra and I decided we really like him because we believe he shares her ISFP Myers-Briggs™ personality preferences. I’ve long been of the opinion that introverted people on the Bachelor franchise shows tend not to do very well. They are less assertive inserting themselves into the fray and generally get less TV time. As a result, their relationships with the lead lag behind many others and we don’t get to know them very well.

The date with Yanni Leo was a case in point. At first, they hardly talked at all. Then she talked about the other guys. Eventually they actually talked to and about each other and we learned he is quite an endearing guy. Alas, like Wills, he’s probably not going to be around near the end. At least he got to be serenaded by Kelsea Ballerini’s husband. My Daughter Cassandra agrees with me that he’d be a good candidate for Bachelor in Paradise. That show is the most introvert-friendly of the franchise.

Until the next time.




[3] My imaginary narrative on Colton is here:

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